Useful Self-Defense Tips

Social Chaos Survival Guide - How To Escape - Evade And Survive When All Hell Breaks LooseIt is a sad fact of life that we now have to be more aware of brutal street attacks and although we all hope that it won’t ever happen to us, you have to give consideration to what you would do if it did. A lot of people are taking martial art classes to help them learn to defend themselves.

The danger is that you could become complacent in thinking you are equipped to cope with a real life situation and many times this is not the case. You must expect the unexpected on the dangerous streets and not expect any rules to bail you out therefore you need to know how to react to serious situations.

We’re going to take a look at some basic tips to help you be safe on the streets.

If you’re thinking of joining a martial arts class for the reasons of self defense you will need to look at the type of training that is involved and if they include how to handle real life situations.

Should you take any martial arts class in your neighborhood, you will likely benefit from the training to some extent.Nevertheless, certain techniques that you may learn are purely for training and may not be effective at all in a really violent situation.

For instance, if you are well trained in a martial arts kick that can seriously hurt another person in class, may very well not be able to do it in the real world if you are pinned to a small corner circled by five crazy men.

The very first rule of defending yourself on the street is avoidance and running away if possible. It may sound like a wimpy way out of a problem, but being a hero doesn’t mean much if you end up being killed.

If you’re suddenly attacked, you have no way of knowing if the person has a knife or some other weapon until you feel it. Rather than be assaulted and probably killed, get away the instant you see a chance.

You might develop some confidence from learning a martial art so may be able to negotiate with the perpetrator however it’s best to be ready for any unexpected moves.

The truth is, it is probably best for you to attack first in a potentially dangerous conflict. If it appears like that the confrontation will lead to violence, then you should strike first with all your strength and power.

This is where understanding of distance and angles is going to help and if you are up close to someone a strike with the fist or palm of the hand might be the best option. If you can actually achieve speed and efficiency in your strike, the fight would end before it would even get started.

If you focus your strategy on attacking the very sensitive parts of the body like the eyes and nose, you will be effective. The truth is the body has many weak points all over and a knowledge of these should help depending on if you are needing to punch or deliver a kick.

Being attacked in the real world is nothing like how it is in class so don’t expect the rules to apply instead run away or attack first with all your speed and power.

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