Finding Out How To Use Weapons For Self-defense – Tips Revealed

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One way that you can learn how to protect yourself is by perfecting the use of weapons; however, some people may not want to carry one all of the time. You should take into account an assortment of issues including the legalities of having a weapon, how easy it will be to learn, and what type of weapon you will wish to use.

One other question you may ask is if you could use the weapon if the situation presented itself. So in case you are searching for weapons for self-defense, this article should help you decide if this is perfect for you.

If you study any style of martial arts, you might have the opportunity to train with weapons also. Whether you pick a staff, or a sword, there are numerous martial arts weapons to select from.

While it is a good idea to learn how to use a staff or a sword for self-defense, it’s not realistic to take one with you if you go downtown to run some errands. You might, however, use a weapon by improvising (like a broom handle or a rake) to guard yourself in situations that may crop up.

A lot of people learn how to use these weapons to engage in martial arts competitive events, not so much for practical self-defense reasons.

One weapon that many people prefer to carry or keep in the house is a stun gun. A weapon like this is better than a more deadly solution, for instance a gun, and that it will stop, not kill, the attacker.

With a regular gun, you could cause long term damage (such as death) that may well bring about legal problems. Using a stun gun, this isn’t a possibility when using it to protect yourself. Prior to getting a stun gun of your own, ensure that it is legal to have one with you in your particular state or county.

Prior to buying a stun gun, you must also select one from the many styles that exist these days. Tasers, for instance, are a specific brand name and are the kind that lots of police officers use.

Self-defense with you – it is a popular trend and size for a lot of weapons these days. Some are not even made as weapons, but may be used as such if the need comes up. You will find web sites and catalogs that offer weapons such as small knives, pepper spray canisters, pointed keychains and other pocket sized weapons.

One of the primary advantages such a weapon gives you is surprise, because a potential assailant isn’t going to be expecting it. In essence, you have to always be prepared, with your guard up and ready for potential attacks.

People can certainly be harmed with their own self-defense weapon if they aren’t paying attention to what is going on around them.

A personal choice that everyone must make on their own is whether or not to bring a weapon. Those who have weapons must, at some level, be willing to inflict harm on others that may potentially harm them.

Could you injure someone assaulting you? Could you inflict pain upon them? These are questions you should ask. There are several non lethal weapons, such as pepper spray and even stun guns that can stop another person without doing permanent injury.

Useful Self-Defense Tips

Social Chaos Survival Guide - How To Escape - Evade And Survive When All Hell Breaks LooseIt is a sad fact of life that we now have to be more aware of brutal street attacks and although we all hope that it won’t ever happen to us, you have to give consideration to what you would do if it did. A lot of people are taking martial art classes to help them learn to defend themselves.

The danger is that you could become complacent in thinking you are equipped to cope with a real life situation and many times this is not the case. You must expect the unexpected on the dangerous streets and not expect any rules to bail you out therefore you need to know how to react to serious situations.

We’re going to take a look at some basic tips to help you be safe on the streets.

If you’re thinking of joining a martial arts class for the reasons of self defense you will need to look at the type of training that is involved and if they include how to handle real life situations.

Should you take any martial arts class in your neighborhood, you will likely benefit from the training to some extent.Nevertheless, certain techniques that you may learn are purely for training and may not be effective at all in a really violent situation.

For instance, if you are well trained in a martial arts kick that can seriously hurt another person in class, may very well not be able to do it in the real world if you are pinned to a small corner circled by five crazy men.

The very first rule of defending yourself on the street is avoidance and running away if possible. It may sound like a wimpy way out of a problem, but being a hero doesn’t mean much if you end up being killed.

If you’re suddenly attacked, you have no way of knowing if the person has a knife or some other weapon until you feel it. Rather than be assaulted and probably killed, get away the instant you see a chance.

You might develop some confidence from learning a martial art so may be able to negotiate with the perpetrator however it’s best to be ready for any unexpected moves.

The truth is, it is probably best for you to attack first in a potentially dangerous conflict. If it appears like that the confrontation will lead to violence, then you should strike first with all your strength and power.

This is where understanding of distance and angles is going to help and if you are up close to someone a strike with the fist or palm of the hand might be the best option. If you can actually achieve speed and efficiency in your strike, the fight would end before it would even get started.

If you focus your strategy on attacking the very sensitive parts of the body like the eyes and nose, you will be effective. The truth is the body has many weak points all over and a knowledge of these should help depending on if you are needing to punch or deliver a kick.

Being attacked in the real world is nothing like how it is in class so don’t expect the rules to apply instead run away or attack first with all your speed and power.

This is the best no-nonsense self defense course if you need to learn how to kick some street punk ass!

Do You Build A DIY Workbench With Good Workbench Plans Or Buy A Garage Workbench Kit?

The Workbench Book - A Complete Guide to Creating Your Perfect BenchDo You Build A DIY Workbench With Good Workbench Plans Or Buy A Garage Workbench Kit?

If you want to do projects around the house by yourself, then it is essential that you have a handyman workbench. To have quick access to a paintbrush, an artist needs organization, and a builder is the same way in needing a workbench for easy location of his or her tools.

There are numerous ways to build a workbench, from DIY workbench plans, a prefabricated workbench kit, or simply purchase one already complete.


The Workbench Design BookBecause many previously assembled garage workbenches are quite expensive, many builders just use scrap materials, and build their own.

They do not take long to build, and are perfect for the garage workbench, basement work bench or the workshop. When you get started with the actual construction, you should take a moment to decide exactly what you want from your workbench. Would you like a very simple workbench design, or do you want some drawers and other amenities?

Then you should decide how professional the bench will be, and what kind of wood you want to use. For a number of the DIY benches the wood used is beech, but for many others, birch is used because it is firm and also lightweight.

If you’re determined to build your own workbench, take safety precautions by wearing safety glasses, as well as work gloves.


Black & Decker WM425 Workmate 425 550-Pound Capacity Portable WorkbenchWhen selecting the actual dimensions, make sure that it will fit in the space you have.

Often a work bench is built to stay right where it is first located, so plan accordingly. Unless you have constructed things before, and know how to make your own plan, you can get workbench plans at home improvement stores or online. Doing the work this way, you will have multiple pages, showing you step-by-step how to build your own workbench you have always wanted.

If you’re going to go to this much trouble, you might as well buy a complete workbench kit, and just put all of the pieces together. Typically, kits for constructing a workbench will even have parts list of anything else that needs to be purchased like tools to do the job right.


Shop For 2x4 basics 90164 Workbench and Shelving Storage SystemThe apparent choice for those who know what they are doing, is to build their own workbench out of wood they already have with a good set of workbench designs.

However, for people who are inexperienced in home improvement, the best choice would be to buy one already finished, or at least put together a workbench kit.

If you do not know what you are doing when building, not only will it cost you valuable time, but money as well. Employing someone else to do the job is another option, especially if you already have the materials.


garage workbenchOnce you have the project completed, you will enjoy having a place to put all of your tools, keeping them well-organized.

There’s nothing like doing a job, and doing it well, when it is something that you have wanted to do for a long time, and that is a labor of love.


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Winter Driving Tips To Help You Stay Safe On The Road

Winter Driving Tips To Stay Safe Behind The Wheel

Driving a car on any warm day in the summer is both enjoyable and mainly safe and usually something to look forward to. Unfortunately, once winter arrives, you’re looking at a totally new situation, one which may actually be extremely dangerous when you are driving in the snow.

There are some situations which are potentially too hazardous to drive in and yet there are many times when we have no choice but to drive through snow, fog and driving rain. If you have not yet been driving for long, trying to navigate in severe weather can cause significant stress.

Read on for several winter driving guidelines.


Obviously, you’ll want to make a plan to ensure that your car is ready to handle winter weather.

Although this involves some expense, it is a lot better than dealing with the problems brought about by driving a car that is not ready to handle winter road conditions. Getting your car thoroughly serviced is the best choice but, at least, you should have your car winterized to prevent unexpected issues.

You should definitely have your tires, brakes, and fluids inspected because if these stay unserviced they can potentially cause a lot of problems. And, bear in mind, that you need to additionally consider how your car’s condition can affect your family and other drivers on the road.


During wintry weather, how you will drive is important just as much as what shape your car is in.

You may have to contend with various hazardous situations and, subsequently, you will need to modify how you drive. Oddly enough, more and more drivers do not decelerate or leave a greater distance between vehicles when bad weather hits. Traffic safety and being a safe driver go hand in hand.

These particular risks likely lead to the majority of accidents in the course of dangerous winter road conditions. Additionally, your attention must be very focused under these conditions, so you should take care not to drive when you are fatigued or being distracted from the road. Everyone should listen to all the advice on driving when they travel in winter.


Watch the Stay Safe On The Road Video Below.

It is a little graphic, but does show some very good reasons why you shouldn’t drive while texting, talking on the phone, driving under the influence or just being distracted. All of these examples would be compounded in winter driving conditions.


Buy Winter Emergency PackDuring the winter months, it is absolutely essential to have the ability to handle any emergency that comes up.

Cold weather could become a significant problem should your car develop problems or traffic slow down significantly. For one thing, you need to have an emergency road help number available to call when something occurs.

Before you set off in these situations be sure you have some sort of emergency kit with you. Keep a cold weather blanket, in addition to a warm drink and other things that you may need if the situation becomes dire. A good pair of winter boots is also a must if you get stuck while driving in snow!

In the end, it’s well known that we will be faced with this type of driving from time to time. If you prepare properly in advance and remember to drive appropriately for the weather and follow a few of these winter driving tips, you can look forward to a safe ride and a happy journey’s end.



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Why Put Strain On Your Back When You Can Own A MTD Snow Blower

Yard-Man 31AH65LG701 Snow Thrower With Electric StartWhy Shovel And Hurt Your Back When You Can Own A MTD Snow Blower

If you live in an area with routine snowfall, please read on.

Most likely the worst element of winter is the need to shovel snow. It is more annoying than the frigid local weather itself. Contemplating shoveling the driveway just as you watch the snow fall is not a reassuring thought.


Mtd Products Snow Thrower 31Bm63lf704There are methods for you to perform this without adding stress on your back and allows you to get it done quicker.

When you really don’t like shoveling snow, a good solution is to get a snow blower. The MTD Snow Blower is among the more uncomplicated ones to use, hence the most popular.

If you take excellent care of it, the MTD will provide you with plenty of power and will last you quite a long time. Having wide-ranging parts and accessories, the MTD Snow Blower will continue to be in pretty good shape. It’s one of the most effective given it has a simple electronic push button starter.


Yard Machines 31A-62BD700 4-Cycle Two Stage Snow ThrowerLots of people identify the MTD to be by far the most durable snow blowers on the market.

They developed their name by developing solid products for over 40 years. You should look at a snow blower irrespective of how old you happen to be.

Having cold and stormy weather, you may get a lot of back pain. This is exactly why it is just a sensible investment to get a snow blower.


Before you buy a snow blower, watch this great MTD Snow Blowers video on the difference between single stage and two stage snow blowers

MTD Snow Blower ATTACHMENT - 42 inchThe MTD Snow Blower seems to have won the reputation of managing the toughest jobs.

Having the MTD carry out the labor for you, you are going to have less problems with your back. Although you may clear merely the sidewalk or clear an entire driveway, the MTD Snow Blower will do the job.

Many snow blowers are able to clear the width of a sidewalk in just one shot. You’ll find many different designs in different selling price ranges for the MTD. You’ll want to keep the extended warranty information and guidelines for reference.

You’ll find the MTD Snow Blowers at favorite home and garden merchants at great prices. You must not jeopardize your well being to shovel snow. You may discover that snow blowing happens to be fun and arrange to undertake the whole neighborhood.


Check Your Fluid Levels Frequently

Be Sure To Check Your Fluid Levels Frequently!

Checking Your Oil

There was a time not too long ago, when you would take your car into a gas station, and an attendant would come out and fill your car up with gas, wash your windows and check all the fluid levels under the hood.

Today most drivers don’t know how to check the fluid levels or what they are even for. They don’t know how to check oil in a car. Most are content to go in for an oil change every now and then, and let them check the fluid levels.


how do you check your oilIf you want to keep your vehicle running well, you need to find out what fluid levels need to be checked, and then periodically do it.

It is vital to the health of your car to get this done, and reading the car manual that has probably never been looked at, is a very good idea. You will find diagrams of the engine and where every single fluid can be checked. If need be, you can look on the web for directions on how do you check your oil as well as tips on checking the engines coolant, checking the brake fluid, checking the power steering fluid and checking the windshield washer fluid.


How To Check Oil In A CarTo check the engine’s oil, there is a cap towards the front of the engine saying oil.

Check your oil with the engine off, by removing the dipstick, and wiping it off with a rag. Put it back in, making sure it goes in all the way, and then draw it back out to get your reading. This is the best way to get a car oil check.

You will be able to see the oil on the dipstick and if it’s between the maximum and minimum marks, your oil is okay. If it is below, then you will have to add some oil.

In older vehicles you need to check every couple of weeks, because they normally are losing oil somewhere. Newer cars and trucks should not have oil issues so you don’t need to do it that often.


check transmission oilIf your vehicle has an automatic transmission, then you need to check its level by finding it towards the back of the engine.

Check the owner’s manual to determine how to check the transmission oil level. Normally the vehicle needs to be operating with the transmission in neutral or park. For getting a true reading, you need to drive the car so the transmission is heated up.

Follow the same procedure as when checking your oil, but it only needs checking once a year, unless you can tell it is leaking.


checking the engines coolantWhen checking the engine’s coolant, make sure you never remove the radiator cap if the engine is hot.

You can receive bad burns when you are splashed by the hot coolant. Most cars come with an overflow bottle where you can check the levels with the visible level markings.

Your car’s power steering also uses fluids, so it needs to be checked regularly. Check in your manual for checking the power steering fluid and to determine where it is at on your vehicle.

Another fluid to check is the brake fluid, and you can find info on checking the brake fluid and its location in the manual also. Be careful not to spill any on your paint, since it will lift it off.


checking the windshield washer fluidThe last fluid to check is for your windshield washer and it’s the easiest of all.

It is usually easy to find and you just fill it with washer fluid as it requires it, if it overflows, it can’t hurt anything. Once again, the manual will have tips on checking the windshield washer fluid too.

There you have it. A few tips on checking your fluid levels to keep your vehicle running smooth and out of the shop!



Watch this – How to check fluid levels in your car video – Basic care care tips


Do You Need To Upgrade Your Bathroom?

Are You Remodeling a Bathroom? – Read This First!

Remodeling A BathroomWhile the bathroom maybe the smallest room in your home, it is probably the most important.

This is where you spend your alone time either relaxing or brainstorming your next life project. If you are thinking of upgrading the bathroom, there are many ways to make it feel more pleasant and relaxing.

It is also an important room in terms of the value of your home and a new bathroom can be a massive selling point for your property. Creating the right feel in the bathroom is therefore vital.


Baths With ShowersA worst case scenario would be to do a major overhaul that includes updating the bath, shower, toilet and wash basin.

What ever is old and worn will really stand out if the rest has been remodeled. Whatever style that you are after, you have many to choose from like modern to retro or classical to hip.

You will no doubt have a budget to stay within and therefore will need to shop around to work out prices and availability. Top of the range bathrooms can be found from companies creating bespoke designs. But more budget conscious set ups can be easily found at high street stores or online. You must also include in your budget fitting costs.

If it is too big of a task to install your bathroom components yourself, you can have the companies you bought them from install it for you. If you are the DIY type, there are plenty of tools to help you in your bathroom remodel.


Remodeling The BathroomIf your budget does not run to replacing the whole suite there are more inexpensive options to consider.

You can simply replace the knobs and taps for the bathtub or wash basin with something more modern to give your bathroom the extra flair. Another option is to replace the old shower curtain with a clear screen, making the bathroom look bigger and cleaner. These are pretty cheap and very easy to install.

You could also replace the tiles on the wall or floor making your bathroom look even cleaner. When looking at flooring, whether it’s wood, carpet or tile, be sure that it can handle the humidity in your bathroom. Replacing the bathroom lighting fixtures will also add a new look.


Lighting For The BathroomBesides updating the main appliances in your bathroom, you can do other things to enhance the look of your restroom.

You can consider what kind of color would match the mood of your bathroom. You could easily enhance the bathroom with bath mats, curtains, blinds or nice fluffy towels. With a huge selection of options, you should take your time and have fun coming up with the design of your bathroom.

You can create a colorful bathroom by adding paintings or incorporating potted plants or an arrangement of scented candles. Candles also provide a wonderful aroma which is also important to create a sensual feel. Other affordable options include adding a new soap dispenser, toilet roll holder or toilet brush.

Finally, you should make an effort to keep the bathroom free of clutter so that it will look nice and tidy.


Cheap Ways To Save Money On Your Fuel Cost

how to lower fuel consumptionCheap Ways To Save Money On Your Fuel Cost

Do you drive “the extra mile” to get your gas at a somewhat cheaper price? You know the old saying “save fuel save money”. Do you find yourself watching the fuel gauge go down with trepidation, fearing the next refill, because fuel prices just keep going up? You needs some tips on how to save gas.

Before you get to the point of trading your four wheels for two with pedals, try a few fuel saving ideas that should ease the load.


Michelin 12279 Digital Programmable Tire GaugeFortunately there are a number of free and easy ways of saving on fuel.

How often do you remember to check your tire pressure? By just having the correct amount of air in your tires can help you save gas, because under inflated tires causes an increase in fuel consumption.

A simple tire gauge is all you need to routinely check your tire pressure and save on gas, at no cost.


Save Money On Your Fuel CostIt’s worth knowing that what you spend on the fuel you get is affected by what time of day you stop to refuel.

Liquids expand as it gets warmer and contract with cold, and, since gasoline is liquid, it figures that you’ll get the best deal at the coldest time of day. Early mornings are generally cold, so buying your gas then enables you to save gas while avoiding the risk of traffic jams.

It’s great that there are websites which tell you where gas is offered cheapest, but obviously if you have to go far for a few pennies off you may end up not saving anything.


ArmorAll 25024 Car Wash 24 oz.Reduce Fuel ConsumptionA clean car looks and feels better, but washing it becomes so much easier when you know your car can use less fuel if you keep it clean.

A clean car will cause less drag, like swimmers shaving off all of their body hair, or skiers using skin-tight racing suits, to go faster. Car-washing can become tedious, so make it fun and get everyone involved.

Water is a favorite plaything of children, as long as the weather’s warmer. A nice day out in the sun, everybody’s having fun and you just taught the family how to save money on fuel a cheap and easy way!


Vehicle Energy EfficiencyRevving your car’s engine can provide a cheap thrill and also be a means of showing off, like at the traffic lights.

This may come as a shock: rev your engine simply 15 times and you’ve kissed “so long” to enough gas to take you a mile. Do this often, and it quickly adds up. Think about it next time you get stuck without having gas and wondering how to increase fuel efficiency. If you want to save fuel driving, don’t show off.


Tips On How To Save GasGet over any objections you have to servicing your car on a regular basis, since it actually helps your car use the least fuel possible.

You’ll pay, anyway, for the extra gas your car uses when it’s running poorly, so you might as well use the money to pay for a service and get those fuel savings too.

At the very least, the filters – one for oil and one for air – must be checked that they’re clean or replaced, as should the oil. New spark plugs should be put in when your car is serviced as well. These are just a few good tips on how to save gas and therefore save money on your fuel costs.


An Objective Review of the Street Fighting Uncaged Self Defense Course

Street Fighting Uncaged Self Defense Course

Street Fighting Uncaged

Click here for Street Fighting Uncaged

Street Fighting Uncaged is a self defense guide created by a martial artist and security pro named Jeff Anderson. Learning self defense has become very popular and there are many options to pick from.You have the option of attending a class at a martial arts facility but it could be expensive to attend or inconvenient to get to.

You could also purchase Street Fighting Uncaged, which is a downloadable course that helps you teach yourself in your leisure time. We will take a look to see if this manual will teach you what you need to know about self defense.

It’s important to know that Street Fighting Uncaged is not a guide designed to teach you combat sports or fighting techniques. The main point of this guide is to teach you vital survival and self defense skills on the street.

Jeff Anderson has written in great detail many important but dirty street fighting tactics essential for survival. Anderson has a philosophy that you shouldn’t play by the rules in street fighting since the thug assaulting you isn’t playing it either.

The techniques and moves taught in the guide do work and were designed for the specific purpose of self defense. They are not meant to be a form of martial art or be used in any sport competition.

Street Fighting Uncaged is a pretty good deal as compared to taking a martial arts class because it doesn’t cost as much as a formal class and you can do it when it is easy for you. It is probably a good idea to practice with another person even though it was intended for you to do it on your own.

It is important that you practice the moves the right way because they’re dangerous if you fail to do it properly. While you will learn a number of valuable moves and strategies if you merely read this digital book, you’ll get much more out of it if you practice too.

That’s one of the disadvantages of a home study course -you haven’t got an instructor in the room to make sure that you really learn and practice the strategies.

When faced with real danger, your psychological fitness is just as critical as your physical strength. Overcoming your fears and emotions are taught extensively in Street Fighting Uncaged.

Included with the Street Fighting Uncaged guide is the bonus manual, “Killer Instinct” The guide will teach how to get your mind all set to defend yourself without being frozen in fear. Overall, the course strikes a very good balance between the importance of the physical and mental areas of self defense.

The Street Fighting Uncaged is a good course if you want to learn real-life self defense tactics by yourself and at your convenience. This course may be too graphic for some but it is a good guide to help you to become good at safeguarding yourself and other people.

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Jimmie Johnson 2013 Daytona 500 Winner’s Merchandise

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Jimmie Johnson 2013 Daytona 500 Winners Merchandise

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