Cheap Ways To Save Money On Your Fuel Cost

how to lower fuel consumptionCheap Ways To Save Money On Your Fuel Cost

Do you drive “the extra mile” to get your gas at a somewhat cheaper price? You know the old saying “save fuel save money”. Do you find yourself watching the fuel gauge go down with trepidation, fearing the next refill, because fuel prices just keep going up? You needs some tips on how to save gas.

Before you get to the point of trading your four wheels for two with pedals, try a few fuel saving ideas that should ease the load.


Michelin 12279 Digital Programmable Tire GaugeFortunately there are a number of free and easy ways of saving on fuel.

How often do you remember to check your tire pressure? By just having the correct amount of air in your tires can help you save gas, because under inflated tires causes an increase in fuel consumption.

A simple tire gauge is all you need to routinely check your tire pressure and save on gas, at no cost.


Save Money On Your Fuel CostIt’s worth knowing that what you spend on the fuel you get is affected by what time of day you stop to refuel.

Liquids expand as it gets warmer and contract with cold, and, since gasoline is liquid, it figures that you’ll get the best deal at the coldest time of day. Early mornings are generally cold, so buying your gas then enables you to save gas while avoiding the risk of traffic jams.

It’s great that there are websites which tell you where gas is offered cheapest, but obviously if you have to go far for a few pennies off you may end up not saving anything.


ArmorAll 25024 Car Wash 24 oz.Reduce Fuel ConsumptionA clean car looks and feels better, but washing it becomes so much easier when you know your car can use less fuel if you keep it clean.

A clean car will cause less drag, like swimmers shaving off all of their body hair, or skiers using skin-tight racing suits, to go faster. Car-washing can become tedious, so make it fun and get everyone involved.

Water is a favorite plaything of children, as long as the weather’s warmer. A nice day out in the sun, everybody’s having fun and you just taught the family how to save money on fuel a cheap and easy way!


Vehicle Energy EfficiencyRevving your car’s engine can provide a cheap thrill and also be a means of showing off, like at the traffic lights.

This may come as a shock: rev your engine simply 15 times and you’ve kissed “so long” to enough gas to take you a mile. Do this often, and it quickly adds up. Think about it next time you get stuck without having gas and wondering how to increase fuel efficiency. If you want to save fuel driving, don’t show off.


Tips On How To Save GasGet over any objections you have to servicing your car on a regular basis, since it actually helps your car use the least fuel possible.

You’ll pay, anyway, for the extra gas your car uses when it’s running poorly, so you might as well use the money to pay for a service and get those fuel savings too.

At the very least, the filters – one for oil and one for air – must be checked that they’re clean or replaced, as should the oil. New spark plugs should be put in when your car is serviced as well. These are just a few good tips on how to save gas and therefore save money on your fuel costs.


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